Chemring Nobel AS - High Energy Materials

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Contact: Sales & Marketing Manager Jerry Hurum
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Products and services

Explosives & Propellants
Produkter og tjenester
Research and development
Weapon systems, accessories and ammunition

Core business matrix

Core competence

Supplies of military high explosive in accordance with military specification requirements and standards such as US Mil.spec, German TL and NATO-STANAG specification requirements. Chemring Nobel AS, High Energy Materials, is approved in accordance with AQAP-110 (military equivalent of ISO 9001).

Customer service including ability to customize products and prepare samples in accordance with customer needs.

Development of high-risk products and processes starting from laboratory scale and going up to full-scale production.

Organic synthesis (nitrations), crystallisation and coating technology.

Key programs

Chemring Nobel AS, High Energy Materials, is a qualified supplier for a wide range of systems.

Anti-tank weapons Javelin, Hellfire, TOW, Brimstone, Dragon, Panzerfaust, MILAN, HOT, C-90, SMAW, Carl-Gustav, AT-4, SMAr