Nammo acquires Moog's European In-Space Propulsion businesses

Nammo is delighted to announce that it has agreed with Moog Inc. to acquire its In-Space Propulsion businesses in UK and Ireland. Nammo's CEO Mr. Morten Brandtzæg believes the deal will strengthen Nammo's position as one of the world's leading providers of compact thrusters and rocket engines for space launchers and satellites.

"Space is an area where we see a lot of potential for Nammo's products and technologies. Our experience from the defense market means we are very good at making small, powerful and reliable rockets and propulsion systems for use in extreme conditions. When we combine this experience with our existing capabilities in space, and the skills and technologies we have acquired today , I believe we are well on our way to becoming one of the key players within this particular market segment," says Mr. Brandtzæg.

Nammo is an international aerospace and defense company headquartered in Norway. Its products include design and production of ammunition and rocket engines for military and commercial use, as well as sea safety and demilitarization services for clients worldwide. Employing more than 2100 people in 14 countries, Nammo is already established as a leading provider of thrusters, rocket engines and missile propulsion systems, with its space portfolio including key systems to the European Ariane and Vega space launch systems.

The deal announced today includes facilities in three locations; in Dublin, Ireland, and in Cheltenham and Westcott in the UK. Together they allow Nammo to expand its product offering, while also offering greater control of the supply chain supporting its existing product portfolio. It also grants Nammo access to additional European markets, while strengthening its position relative to several established programs both in the US and Europe.

"These facilities bring with them an impressive offering of flight qualified products currently used on space launchers, on numerous