EIDEL is industrial partner to CaNoSat 10 year student satellite program

EIDEL has as the only industrial partner signed the MoU to support the 10-year student satellite program called CaNoSat. EIDEL's contribution into the CaNoSat program will to support the students with quality assurance, design guidance, master thesis, and prototype technology for CubeSat and identify possible commercialization.

"This opportunity we have to contribute in the CaNoSat program is for us an continuation of our already successful cooperation with the University of Oslo (UiO) and our experience with students in the Starburst program. The students will also challenge us and our way of thinking, helping us to evolve into an even better company. We can help students by identifying challenges and requirements they will face outside the academics.

We are really looking forward to start working the involved universities and build a long term partnership with them both here in Norway and Canada," says Managing Director EIDEL, Truls O Andersen.

A new 10-year student satellite program and international master's degree between Norway and Canada

CaNoSat is a 10-year student satellite program and international master's degree between Norway and Canada, which has arisen in the wake of a similar program for student rockets - CaNoRock.

The bilateral working group behind Canada-Norway Student Sounding Rocket (CaNoRock), officially opened in 2011, is now working on establishing a new program in the CaNoRock family - CaNoSat. This will complement the CaNoRock recruitment program, which with its two annual student rockets since 2009, has contributed to nearly 300 Norwegian and Canadian students at the Andøya Space Center for a week's rocket construction, as well as courses in physics, mechanics and electronics.

A new exciting master's degree program

283 students from Norway, Canada, Switzerland and F