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Comrod AS
Comrod AS is a part of Comrod Communication ASA, a Norwegian public limited company with headquarter at Tau in south-western part of Norway, and with offices elsewhere in Norway, France, UK, USA, Sweden, Hungary and India.
The main focus of Comrod Communication ASA is on the defence market. The company develops and manufactures power supplies, battery chargers, tactical masts, antennas and antenna systems.

Comrod Communication ASA has more than 250 employees, and production plants with a total of approximately 13.000 square meters.

Comrod AS is developing and producing a wide range of antennas. We have HF antennas for manpack, vehicle and marine/navy installations.

A comprehensive range of VHF antennas that cover all requirements for hand-held, manpack, vehicle, shipboard and static applications. Most antennas offer full broadband operation over the VHF spectrum. High gain antennas are also available.
UHF antennas that cover hand-held, manpack, vehicle, shipboard and static applications.
We make broad band antennas from 30-512MH, and dual band 30-88MHz with 225-450MHz in the same antenna.

Power supplies and battery chargers
The power division of Comrod AS is specialized in the development and manufacturing of power supplies and battery chargers for demanding military applications.

We have range of standard military power supplies and battery chargers, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, and we also provide bespoken products, products that are made according to specifications from our customers. The products are very often used for C4 applications in mobile platforms, and our AC/DC converters are power factor corrected, PFC, for optimum adaptation to weak power sources such as portable generators.

We utilise the very latest technology, but at the same time we base our designs on components that have proven their reliability in actual operation, and we have performed a considerable number of demanding projects.

We have in Comrod Communication ASA companies that manufacture military masts in composite material, carbon. glass fibre and aluminium, for radio relays, LOS systems. The wide range of masts includes light infantry manpack masts, vertical sleeve masts on tripod, telescopic masts on vehicle/shelter roofs or vertical walls. Most of the masts can be operated manually, motorized or even fully automated.

Our products meet all relevant MIL-standards for EMC and environmental conditions.

We combine a strong focus on the requirements of the military industry with a relentless quest for quality and cost-effectiveness. Our aim is to offer products and services that have an optimal balance between performance, price and quality: The best value for the money spent.

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