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Core business matrix

Frequentis is an international supplier of highly reliable communication and information systems for control centres with safety-critical tasks. The systems that Frequentis develops are components of a control centre solution. Examples of control centres with safety-relevant responsibilities include air traffic control facilities, military command centres, control centres in the rail and shipping sectors, as well as control centres used by the police, fire and ambulance services. Frequentis Defence solutions leverage more than sixty years of ATC legacy experience; over fifty of which are specifically within the Defence market providing milATC as the core offering. This cross-industry experience allows for solutions to be developed with aviation and maritime markets in mind; the Defence business unit builds upon this land/sea/air control centre knowledge base to provide enhanced functionality in support of future mission-critical communications evolution for its customers. Over time, the addition of encrypted mobile transmissions for voice and data, along with situational awareness, provide mission-critical support for air defence requirements. The transition from hardware to software-based solutions, decentralisation of control centres and mission-ready deployment options are all covered within the Frequentis portfolio. Supporting milATC and air defence requirements begin with voice communications. iSecCOM is an IP-based voice communications system that can support centralised and decentralised control centre operations. Mission-ready infrastructure allows for communications and information solutions to be mobilized for military deployments while supporting encrypted mobile transmissions. The Frequentis National Air Policing Centre (NAPC) is deployed to integrate emergency and incident management workflows not only across civilian and military organizations; but also across local emergency management agencies. In Germany, this solution is critical in supporting the German Armed Forces. The Last Minute Briefing System (LMBS) is a secure wired communication network connecting the air base operation centre with boarded fighter pilots and their supporting crew chiefs in all available shelters. It allows the swift interconnection between several selected communicators as well as the flexible extension of a call by forwarding, grouping and further helpful options.

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