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NO-1414 Trollåsen

Telephone: +4767870888

Contact: Einar Østli
Tel: +4790767500
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Products and services

Advanced Materials and Aerostructures
Aerospace Ground Equipment
Aerospace MRO&U
Space technology
Surface finishing

Core business matrix

Core competence

1. Surface treatment of aerospace structures, Aluminum structures.
Pre-treatment of aluminum surfaces (Chrome systems and Chrome free systems).

2. Supply of chemicals and sealants to the Norwegian Defence Forces and Defence & Aeropspace Industry.

3. Supply of surface treatment materials like fillers, stoppers, sealants for treatment of composite materials.

4. Supply of radar absorbent and IR suppressive coatings.

5. Supplier of coatings and other chemicals in accordance with, or approved to most military and aerospace specifications.

6. Supplier of interior paint systems meeting JAR/FAR Part 25, §25.853a (c, d).


Key programs

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS:
1. JSF program
2. RWS program
3. NSM program

Royal Norwegian Air Force:
1. Paint systems with suppressive characteristics
2. Paint systems for aero structures
3. Rain erosion coatings
4. Falcon Star Programme


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