Address: PO Box 799
NO-4809 Arendal

Telephone: +47 37 07 13 00

Contact: Business Dev. Manager Defence Stein-Roger Fiskum
Tel: +47 90 10 12 49



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Products and services

Aerospace Ground Equipment
Aerospace MRO&U
Command, Control and Communication systems
Communication Systems
Design & Engineering
Electronic equipment
Missile technology and autonomous weapon and sensor systems
Process & environmental technology and equipment
Test equipment and facilities
Weapon systems, accessories and ammunition

Core business matrix

Core competence

More than 50 years experience in Electronic Manufacturing and related Services for customers globally.

-PBA Assembly
-Box Build / HLA
-Testing / ESS
-NPI / Prototyping
-Test Development
-After Sales Services
-Life Cycle Management
-Clean room capability

Key programs

Within the Defence & Aerospace segment, there are three main divisions in Kitron; Avionics, Communication and Weapon Control Systems.

Some Key programs references are:
-Saab Avitronics (Gripen, Boeing and Airbus programs)
-Saab Training Systems (Training Equipment)
-Lockheed Martin (JSF programs)
-Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (RWS, JSM, NSM and Communication)
-Thales Norway (Communication)
-Northrop Grumman (JSF programs)
-Symmetricom (JSF programs)

Key products

Kitron's main product is our Electronic Manufacturing of Printed Wiring Board Assemblies, Complex Product Assemblies including coating and ESS, and the related Services and Test Development and NPI / prototyping.


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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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