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NO-3601 Kongsberg

Telephone: +47 32 28 82 00

Contact: Line Daler, Dir. Market Administration
Tel: +47 32 28 81 26/ +47 94784569
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Products and services

Advanced Materials and Aerostructures
Aerospace MRO&U
Command, Control and Communication systems
Communication Systems
Cryptography - Data Protection/Security
Education & Training
Maritime Technology
Mechanical machining and manufacturing
Missile technology and autonomous weapon and sensor systems
Multiprocessing Systems
Simulation & Training systems
Space technology
Surveillance systems
Systems Integration and Architecture
Underwater vessels, sensors, weapons and control systems
Weapon systems, accessories and ammunition

Core business matrix

Core Capability:
- System integration of CCI/Weapons Control System for Air Defence, Army and Naval
- Anti Ship Missiles
- Tactical communications and data-link
- Remote Controlled Weapon Stations
- Aerostructures/Advanced machining

- Aerostructures/Helicopter Component MRO
- Simulation & Training
- Harbour and Coastal Surveillance

Key Programs:
- Anti Ship Missiles
- Air Defence Systems
- Underwater Vehicles
- CCI/Weapons Control systems
- Simulator/training Systems for Army and Navy
- Tactical Communication/Data-link
- Composite aerostructures for combat aircraft
- Harbour and Coastal Surveillance

Key Products:
- Penguin and NSM anti ship missiles
- NASAMS Air Defence System
- Hugin under water system
- Command and Control/Weapons Control for Naval vessels
- Simulator/training systems for Army and Navy
- Tactical communication, Multi Role Radio (MRR)/Eritac
- Composite aerostructure
- Remote Weapon Stations, PROTECTOR

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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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