Address: Lommedalsveien 230, Bygg 4B
1353 Bærums Verk

Telephone: +47 46 50 11 30

Contact: Pavel Tishakov
Tel: +47 46 50 11 30

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Products and services

Clothing, Camouflage, Armoured Protection and Field Rations
Consultancy & other services
Education & Training
Logistics/Logistics Support
Measurement Systems, and Identification and Tracking
Multiprocessing Systems
NBC Decontamination and Protection
Simulation & Training systems
Vehicles and related equipment

Core business matrix

Nordisk Sikkerhet AS is an international project management, consultancy, equipment distributor, and research organisation in Norway that specialises in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and defence and security. Founded in early 2014, Nordisk Sikkerhet is part of a network of experts operating domestically and internationally. Nordisk Sikkerhet AS is active on the Norwegian defense and security market as the country representative for a number of leading enterprises in border security technology; training, simulation, and education systems and courses; and equipment (military clothing, camoulflage, armoured protection; and heavy-duty search and rescue vehicles. The staff at Nordisk Sikkerhet AS boasts a rich combination of expertise and experience with internationally certified linguistic, project management, GR and PR, and communications skills to make any project a success. Together, this has made Nordisk Sikkerhet AS a leading Norwegian company in the provision of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and defence and security products and services.

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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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