P.O. Box 76
NO-2024 Gjerdrum

Telephone: +47 63 93 81 80


Managing Dir. Leif Haugland
Tel.: 63 93 81 82
E-Mail: leif.haugland@obsima.no

Sales Dir. Øyvind Fjeld
Tel.: +47 63 93 81 87
E-Mail: oyvind.fjeld@obsima.no


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Key business areas

Tactical Electronics
Operation and Maintenance (ILS)
Shooting and Training Facilities

Key products:

Tactical Electronics:
Development and sales of tailor-made communication solutions tailored to the needs of users.
We have combined over 60 years of experience developing and using robust solutions for tactical radio communications.

Operation and Maintenance:
Providing operations and maintenance for our customers for more than 20 years.
Experienced personnel who take care of our customers' products, plants, installations and systems. Own workshop and storage facilities as well as suitable CRM tools for error reporting, configuration management and storage.

Shooting and Training Facilities:
Specializes in design, projecting, delivering and operating.
Shooting range material (target material, simulators etc.)
Shooting ranges (bullet catches, ballistic protection, noise cancellation, etc.)
Shooting house (complete training facility, breaching and shooting equipment)

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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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