Address:Postboks 56 Rådhusveien 5
0508 Oslo

Telephone:+47 90 92 02 01

Contact:Manager Alfhild Skogsfjord
Tel: +47 90 92 02 01
Email: alfhild@omni.no


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Products and services

Command, Control and Communication systems
Consultancy & other services
Cryptography - Data Protection/Security
Design & Engineering
Electronic equipment
Mechanical machining and manufacturing
Multiprocessing Systems
Research and development
Simulation & Training systems
Systems Integration and Architecture
Test equipment and facilities

Core business matrix

Core competence


Service provider within product development and production with special knowledge within:

- Electronics and FPGA

- mechanical design for rough environments

- embedded Software

- security

- Test Development

- power solutions,

- batteri solutions

- Inductive charging

- Class 3 production

- development for ex environment

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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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