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Core business matrix

Core competence

Trelleborg products establish the standards of excellence for engineered fabics in the aerospace, automotive, military, industrial, and transportation markets. Investment in our people and our manufacturing capabilities supports continued problem solving and quality products. Our commitment to excellence through innovation assures our customers total satisfaction and assures their customers a high-performance product.

Trelleborg core competence lies in protect people and essential equipment. Our high-performance solutions are used to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gas, mute stroke, reduce noise and vibration.

Key products

Damping, noise and vibration material
Trelleborg Viking has developed a new fire-resistant damping solution, suitable for use in military platforms. The "Firestop" is a fire resistant rubber material and is tested accordance with BS EN ISO 4589 and BS476 and Defence Standard 02-711 and 03-713. It got Class 1 status for spread and flame and a toxicity index value of 0.5 / 100 g. The material can be applied to a range of substrates, including steel aluminium and GRP. It can be optimised, in both formulation and geometry, to provide damping over vide range of operation temperature
- Fire-resistant damping materials offering broad temperature performance
- Suitable for a wide range of applications
- Bespoke formulation allows an optimal solution to be tailored to specific customer requirements
- Total design, supply and support solution

Viking protector - fireproof and shock resistant packaging for ammunition, explosives and weapons systems
Fireproof and shock resistant packaging for ammunition has been an important part of the Trelleborg Viking activity. Viking Protector is a concept for protection of explosives and weapon-systems against fire, shock and mechanical damage during handling, storage and transportation
- Customized designed to specifications
- Tested and approved by leading manufacturers
- Excellent performance for fire-resistance and mechanical protection
- Can be made buoyant and watertight
- Low weight, compact measures and easy to handle
- Re-useable

Heat-insulation in rocket motors
Trelleborg Viking has produced rubber insulation for booster-motors on missiles for many years. A new development programme, finished in 2005, has resulted in a new generation of rubber for this extreme application. Our insulation is tested and approved by leading booster motor manufacturers.

Fire and blast protection for missile launch areas
Vikodeck-missile is a specially developed rubber-protection concept for fire and blast protection of missile launch areas on warships and vehicles. The system is based on the well-established 'Fire-Stop' concept developed by Trelleborg Viking for the offshore industry. Panels of blast and fire resistant rubber may easily be installed on deck, structure and equipment to give ultimate protection if a hang fire occurs. Vikodeck-missile resists the extreme blast, erosion and heat load from missiles; the concept may be adapted to a wide range of applications.

Rubber pads for steel tracks
Trelleborg Viking is an experienced manufacturer of rubber pads for steel tracks, and have supplied tremendous quantities of pads e.g. for Leopard tanks. Historically we have relations with all the major manufacturers of steel tracks. By using modern rubber technology, we can develop pads to meet any specific application on any vehicle.

Rubber technology for submarines
Trelleborg Viking has designed a wide range of polymer materials for use inside and outside of submarines. Our rubber technology has shown excellent performance in signature management, seal systems and passive fire protection.

Vikign Firestop
Fire-Stop provides compact, blast-proof, passive fire-protection of structures and equipment. The rubber-based passive fire-protection is tested to withstand a blast for 2.1 bars and jet-fire for more than 2 hours. Smoke and toxic fumes from our products are reduced to a minimum. The material is chemical and water resistant, is very robust and has good impact resistance.

Elastopipe™ Explosion-Proof Fire-Water Systems
This flexible and explosion-proof pipe-system is a patented, flexible-piping concept, specially designed to substitute rigid pipes in sprinkler, deluge and firewater supply systems. The system is an alternative to traditional metal and glass-fibre based systems and provides high flexibility both in design and installation, in addition to being non-corrosive and jet fire resistant.

Military vehicle tracks
Trelleborg Viking developed the tracks for the Hägglunds BV 206 and also produces specially designed tracks for military vehicles. More than 30,000 tracks have been produced since the late seventies. Tracks are in service for many armies around the world in both polar and tropic environments.
The combination of a modern and proven track is the result of our continuous product development together with our customers. Our military vehicle tracks are based on the internal drive design, and no modifications are necessary on the vehicle to install our tracks on an original BV 206. Tracks are also produced for the special version P6 and other vehicles.

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