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An early response would be highly appreciated.

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1. The MoD/GoI is processing a case for procurement of submarine launched expendable sound velocieter/submarine launched
expendable bathy thermograph (SSXSV/SSXBT) systems, alongwith the associated probes and equipment for display and
recording of data, for fitment on naval submarines. This office has been directed by the Director(Maritime) HQ, Integrated
Defence Staff (HQ IDS),Ministry of Defence (MoD), New Delhi to identify the vendors for the item.

2. The (SSXSV/SSXBT) probes are required to be capable of being launched from the existing submerged signal ejector (SSE) tube
of the submarine and provide the temperature/velocity profile data from surface up to a depth of 500 meters. On launching
underwater, the probe should be positively buoyant and reach the surface. On reaching the surface, the probe should become
negatively buoyant and commerce its descent. The recorder should commence its functioning at this juncture, any float that has
been utilized to provide the positive buoyancy earlier should scuttle.

3. It should be able to withstand the pressure of being launched from the maximum diving depth of the submarine and additionally
the pressure of being fired from the SSE tube which will be 4-6 KG/CM2 more than the depth of the submarine. The wire also
has to be sufficiently long and strong.

4. It is requested that availability of above SSXSV/SSXBT, or a similar product, with OEMs, may kindly be intimated by Fax/E-mail
to FAX No 0046 (8) 218550, 91 11 23019451, 0091 11 23012564, E-mail ID dmar.ids-navy@nic.in and
defence@indianembassy.se along with necessary technical details.

5. An early response would be highly appreciated.

6. Any queries/clarifications to this may be sent to E-mail ID dmar.ids-navy@nic.in or by FAX to the Fax No 91 11 23019451,
0091 11 23012564

Contact information:
Anil Kumar
PA to DA
Defence Wing
Embassy of India
Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata
Box No 1340
111 83 Stockholm

Tele : +46 (8) 24 60 21
Fax : +46 (8) 21 85 50
Mob : +46 (0) 737 328 291

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