Embassy of India, Stockholm - RFI - Ammunition Procurement Data Bank

For your information:

1. Indian Army is in the process of updating the ammunition availability data around the world.

2. You are requested to provide following information for our further action please:

(a) Type of ammunition available for export in your Country. Full details of the Company including OEM


(b) Annual production capacity alongwith surge/augmentation capacity if any.

(c) Likely price of the ammunition as on date.

(d) Price mechanism for working out prices for procurement in future i.e annual escalation/de-escalation.

(e) Details of export to other countries.

Contact information:
Anil Kumar
PA to DA
Defence Wing
Embassy of India
Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata
Box No 1340
111 83 Stockholm

Tele : +46 (8) 24 60 21
Fax : +46 (8) 21 85 50
Mob : +46 (0) 737 328 291

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