Tactical trainer for the Norwegian Home Guard

From FLO:

1. Just in case anyone is in doubt: This is an RFI (Request for information) and not an ITT. (Date: 24.06.14)

2. Just to avoid any misunderstandings: Non-compliance to the requirements stated in the RFI does not disqualify anyone from replying to the RFI.

You are also welcome to present alternative solutions in your reply. However, these shall be marked "Alternative solution" etc. (Date: 26.06.14)

Med vennlig hilsen/Yours respectfully

Jan-Petter Hoel

/share/mime/pdf.gifCover letter
(rfi-4501200225-cover-letter.pdf, 288kB)
/share/mime/msword.gifAcknowledgement of Request for Information
(acknowledgement-of-request-for-information.doc, 38kB)
/share/mime/msword.gifRFi Tactical Simulator
(rfi-tactical-simulator.doc, 84kB)
/share/mime/msword.gifAnnex A - System specification - low level requirements
(annex-a-system-specification-low-level-requirements.doc, 460kB)
/share/mime/msword.gifAnnex B - System secification - high level requirements
(annex-b-system-specification-high-level-requirements.doc, 743kB)
/share/mime/powerpoint.gifAnnex C - Map of HVSKS and District HQ locations
(annex-c-map-of-hvsks-and-district-hq-locations.pptx, 898kB)

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Postboks 5250 Majorstuen
0303 Oslo

Org.Nr. 992 931 183


Middelthunsgate 27
0303 Oslo


Tlf: 916 456 91

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