Embassy of India, Stockholm - Supply of Spares for QRT35 Boat

Time and date for opening of Bids: 1110 hrs on 22 March 2016

Importance: High

1. Master General of Ordnance Branch (PPO Directorate), Integrated

Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army), New Delhi (India) on behalf of President of India desires of procuring SPARES FOR QRT35 BOAT. The relevant details if RFP are as under:-

(a) RFP NO & DATE -57268/P/CE-4 (C EQPT) dt 08 February 2016

TENDER ID - 2016_IHQA_83975_1

DATE OF ISSUE OF TENDER - 09 February 2016

2. The above mentioned RFP has been uploaded on the website

http://eprocure.gov.in/. Interested vendors may be intimated to visit the site as per following procedure:-


(b) From the drop down option for ORGANISATION

NAME, select IHQ of MoD (ARMY).

(c) The RFP can be found by the Tender ID mentioned or by going

to e-published date and seeing tenders posted on 09 February 2016.

3. The RFP has also been uploaded on the website www.tenders.gov.in.

Route for accessing the same is as under:-

(a) Type www.tenders.gov.in in address bar . "Tenders by

agency" appears on the screen.

(b) " Click" on Central Govt.Min./Dept.

(c) Drop down menu will appear. Select MGO PPO

Army Headquarter. All tenders issued by MGO PPO will be displayed on the screen

4. As per existing orders, Firms whose credentials have been verified

and found suitable by the DA/MAs have been considered as REGISTERED VENDORS and are exempted from paying Earnest Money Deposit Fees (refer Part I of RFP). Their registration will be valid upto FIVE years from the date the DA/MA signed and forwarded Form No. 1 and Form No. 2 in respect of the Firm.

5. In view of the above, you are requested to give wide

publicity of this tender to prospective original manufacture (s) accredited supplier(s).

Please do not hesitate to call/contact either in case of any query/question or for comprehensive details of the RFP.

With warm regards,
Staff to Defence Attaché, Sweden
Accredited to Denmark, Finland Norway
Embassy of India Box No 1340
111 83, Stockholm
Tele : + 46 8 246021 (O)
Mob : + 46 764363589
Fax : + 46 8 218550

/share/mime/pdf.gifRequest for Proposal
(rfp-qrt-boat.pdf, 1MB)

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