GKN Aerospace Norway AS

Address: P.O. Box 1004
NO-3601 Kongsberg
Telephone: +47 32 72 84 00
Fax: +47 32 28 84 70 / +47 32 28 95 20
Contact: Adm.Dir. Peter Hjortsberg
Tel: +47 982 43 903
Email: peter.hjortsberg@gknaerospace.com

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Products and services

Advanced Materials and Aerostructures
Aerospace MRO&U
Design & Engineering
Mechanical machining and manufacturing
Surface finishing

Core business matrix

Core competence

GKN Aerospace Norway AS develops and manufactures high technology components for aero engines. Through specialization, research and advanced development, GKN Aerospace Norway AS provides world-class expertise for a complete product life cycle, and is a partner in most of the large aircraft engine programs.

Key programs

GKN Aerospace Norway AS shall be a leading manufacturer within our special product areas and be the best partner for our customers.

Key products

Strategic products areas within Cases, Shafts and Vanes.

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Postboks 5250 Majorstuen
0303 Oslo

Org.Nr. 992 931 183


Middelthunsgate 27
0303 Oslo


Tlf: 916 456 91

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