Kongsberg Target Systems AS

Address: Heistadmoen Industripark
NO-3608 Heistadmoen/Kongsberg
Telephone: +47 32 76 30 00
Fax: +47 32 72 44 64
Contact: General Manager Åge Bjøråsen
Tel: +47 32 76 30 03/+47 97 07 27 17
Email: ab@kongsberg-ts.no

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Products and services

Education & Training
Electronic equipment
Produkter og tjenester
Simulation & Training systems
Test equipment and facilities

Core business matrix

Core competence

Electronic Shooting Ranges with mil spec equipment for accurate and immediate feedbackto to each shooter/soldier and the responsible training officers.

The electronic targets handle both subsonic and supersonic ammunition.

The results might easily be stored and printed out.

Key programs

Software development in order to meet each nation`s need for different aiming targets.

Key products

A. Electronic Shooting Targets, in different sizes, for all pistols and rifles.
Calibres: All kind of calibres between air pellets (4.5mm) and cal .50 (12.7mm).
Shooting distances: All distances between 10m - 1500m.

B. Mobile Electronic Firing Range (MELFIRE).
Fully containerized shooting range, specially designed for international operations (INTOPS).

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