Nordic Defence & Security AS

Address: Rudsletta 97
NO-1351 Rud
Telephone: +47 22 54 70 50
Fax: +47 22 54 70 51
Contact: Jørgen Lindberg
Tel: +47 93 05 25 08

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Products and services

Advanced Materials and Aerostructures
Clothing, Camouflage, Armoured Protection and Field Rations
Command, Control and Communication systems
Communication Systems
Consultancy & other services
Electronic equipment
Electronic warfare (EA/EP/ES) systems/equipment
Explosives & Propellants
Maritime Technology
Measurement Systems, and Identification and Tracking
NBC Decontamination and Protection
Produkter og tjenester
Shelters and Tents
Simulation & Training systems
Surveillance systems
Underwater vessels, sensors, weapons and control systems
Vehicles and related equipment
Weapon systems, accessories and ammunition

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