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Products and services

Clothing, Camouflage, Armoured Protection and Field Rations
NBC Decontamination and Protection
Produkter og tjenester
Vehicles and related equipment

Core business matrix

Core competence

NFM® offers its end users the full spectrum of protection while enhancing capability. From combat clothing, to load-bearing equipment, body armor and helmets, NFM provides the armed forces and law enforcement units with modern protection systems. Continuous innovation, a user-centered design process and the highest quality production based on the Scandinavian heritage of craftsmanship, are the reasons NFM's products are sought after and used by soldiers and police officers globally.

Key products

International market

  • GARM Combat Clothing System

  • THOR Load Bearing System

  • SKJOLD Integrated, Adaptable Body Armor Solutions

  • OPS-Core Scalable Helmet Systems and Components

  • EC Paint Equipment Camouflage

Norwegian market
NFM's subsidiary, Equipnor, is a trading house and center of competence for the supply of products and services to the defense, law enforcement and security branches in Scandinavia. Our main objective is to keep our customers satisfied by providing them with premium products and services. Our company is built upon a foundation of a highly skilled staff and quality assured processes. Our portfolio includes a wide spectrum, ranging from personal equipment, weapons and weapon accessories, equipment for maritime operations, electro-optics and EOD related equipment. Besides personal equipment, Equipnor markets products, logistic support and services intended for vehicles, vessels, aircrafts, helicopters and installations.

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