Ritek AS

Address: Rinnvegen 49
NO-7609 Levanger
Telephone: +47 74 02 86 00
Fax: +47 74 02 86 01
Contact: Manager Hilmar Olsen Jr.
Tel: +47 90 94 86 17
Email: hilmar.olsen@ritek.no

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Core business matrix

Core Capability

Ritek AS is a workshop for service, maintenance, construction and building of heavy duty vehicles.

Modern facilities with 2 workshops, welding and machining workshop, sandblasting and one section for glassfiber production and painting.

Total workshop area 3200 SQ.m.

Garages of 1000 SQ.m, total fenced and guarded area of 25.000 SQ.m.

Workshop approved for all types of vehicles.

Ritek has a labour force of some 25 well qualified and engaged employees.

Key Programs

Ritek AS is part of the MEP/OPV program in cooperation with BAE Systems Hägglunds AB.

Earlyer Ritek AS has been part of different programs for service, maintenance, construction and building on vecicles and equipment for NDLO. Ritek AS has been part of to different part of the P5026 program.

Key Products

2 workshops with gates height of 4,5 meters, lenght of bays 24 meters. Drive trough in 3 bays.

Approved for all types of repairs.

Overhead craneveage with capacity up to 70 tons.

Equipment for realignment/adjustment of larger vehicles.

Cross check and computerized brake testing.

All typees of tools and equipment required.

Complies with all helth-requirements.

Overhead cranes with capacity up to 20 ton.

Facilities available both for minor and major sandblasting operations.

Large 2 chambers painting workshop, lenght 22 meters, gate hight 5 meters.

Our competence and workshop facilities are our key products.

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Postboks 5250 Majorstuen
0303 Oslo

Org.Nr. 992 931 183


Middelthunsgate 27
0303 Oslo


Tlf: 916 456 91

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