Safety & Security Service A/S

Address: Økern Torgvei 13,
NO-0508 Oslo
Telephone: +47 22 83 33 90
Fax: 47 22 83 31 70
Contact: Managing Dir. Magnus Mæhlum
Tel: +47 90685166

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Products and services

Clothing, Camouflage, Armoured Protection and Field Rations
NBC Decontamination and Protection
Produkter og tjenester
Weapon systems, accessories and ammunition

Core business matrix

Core competence

Project management related to up-armouring of special vehicles
Design and production of specialised equipment for counter terrorist and special forces
Design and production of specialised equipment for mine-clearance
Specialised courses in close quarter combat andother military skills

Key products

Up-armouring of aircrafts and vehicles
All types of mine-clearing equipment
Ammunition, small, medium and large and Accuracy International, Canada
X-ray machines from Perkins Elmer, USA
Archways from Metorex, Finland
Decoys for ships and aircrafts
Pyrotechnics for police and militarybullet proof vests

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0303 Oslo

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0303 Oslo

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