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Tel: +47 +47 41747070

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Clothing, Camouflage, Armoured Protection and Field Rations
NBC Decontamination and Protection
Vehicles and related equipment

Core business matrix

STEWA AS is representing in Norway: - MPC Containment LLC, USA - fabricator of Collapsible Storage Tank Systems for the US Military and for military and commercial applications worldwide. MPC also designs and fabricates Environmental Systems including Floating and Fixed Covers, Floating and Fixed Baffles, Geomembrane Liners, Containment Boom and Turbidity Curtains. - Beth-El Industries, Israel - a leading designer and manufacturer of CBRN Air Filtration and Air Treatment Products. Beth-El's products are protecting people and equipment providing clean and filtered air along with blast protection valves for Critical Infrastructures as well as sophisticated Ventilation / Air Filtration / Air Conditioning Systems for: Armored Vehicles Mobile Shelters and Containers Military Ships Tents Command & Control Centers and Mobile Medical Chambers for Isolation & Pandemic Prevention. - DELTA International, Georgia - Government of Georgia owned company manufacturing Armored Vehicles, Ambulances and other Personal Protection Equipment

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