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Address: Kirkeveien 25B
NO-1363 Høvik
Telephone: +47 67 12 90 50
Fax: +47 67 12 90 60
Contact: General Manager
Tel: +47 67 12 90 57
Email: martin.grimsgaard@tgelektro.no

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Products and services

Advanced Materials and Aerostructures
Cable Assembly and Harnessing
Command, Control and Communication systems
Design & Engineering
Electronic equipment
Produkter og tjenester
Simulation & Training systems
Space technology
Vehicles and related equipment
Weapon systems, accessories and ammunition

Core business matrix

Core competence

T&G Elektro AS is specialized in design, manufacturing and testing of electrical and fiber optical cable systems, connectors, tools and other accessories for the same. In addition the company provides training for operators and service personnel for interconnecting systems, having an experience of 50 years in the business (since 1955)

Key programs

Cable systems and components/accessories:
- Penguin: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace
- Hawk/AMRAM: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace
- CV-90 for Norway and Sweden: Hägglunds Vehicle, Sweden (now BAE Alvis Hägglunds)
- CV-90: Kolsmann US
- CV-90: MOOG NL
- F-16 (nose radar rack cable system): NERA/Lockheed Martin
- Leopard: Wegmann Germany / FLO/Land
- P9216: FLO/IKT / Siemens
- NASAMS I and II: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace / FLO/Luft
- NASAMS II: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace / Tyrkia
- IFCS: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace / Boeing
- TOW: Kværner Eureka
- RWS: Kongsberg Protech
- NSM: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace
- MRR: Kongsberg Defence Communications
- MRR: FLO/Land
- LFR: Kongsberg Defence Communications
- LFR: FLO/Land
- ULA: FLO/Sjø
- Nansen Frigates: FLO/Sjø

- FLO/Luft
- Astec Helicopter Services
- Kongsberg Protech
- Pratt & Whitney
- Norsk Helikopter
- Souriau
- Braathens SAS
- Widerøe

Key products

- Design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing of electrical and fiber optical Cable Systems for the Defence, Aerospace, Telecom and Offshore Markets
- Design, prototyping and manufacturing of electrical and fiber optical connectors
- Design, prototyping and manufacturing of accessories (cable drums, reels, back shells, strain relieves etc.) to connectors and cable systems
- Sales and service of tools for wires, cables and connector terminations
- Training of service personnel using tools for wires, cables and connector terminations

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