Norwegian Defence and Security Industry Directory i ny utgave

Årets utgave av Norwegian Defence and Security Industry Directory er nå publisert, med oppdatert informasjon om medlemsbedriftene og forord av forsvarsministeren.

Norwegian Defence and Security Industry Directory, som presenterer alle FSis medlemsbedrifter, gi ut med ca 18 måneders mellomrom. Publikasjonen foreligger både i trykket og elektronisk format og gis vid distribusjon bl.a. gjennom tidsskriftet Militærteknikk og på messer og andre arrangementer der FSi deltar.

Publikasjonen kan lastes ned her.

I siste utgave har forsvarsministeren bidratt med forordet.

Forsvarsminister Ine Eriksen Søreide:

"Small is powerful

The Norwegian defence industry is a significant exporter of defence equipment and thus an important contributor to many allied and other likeminded nation's defense capabilities. The technology and systems our industry offers in the international market have been developed in close cooperation between the user communities in the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) and the industry itself, often in cooperation with international industrial partners.

Norwegian defence and security companies are small, innovative and high tech. Even Norway's largest players in the sector have kept their creative and entrepreneurial spirit by applying decentralized organizational principles.

Naturally, our most important export markets are our allies in NATO and our neighbours in the Nordics. The US represents both an important partner and a challenging market. The battle for market share in the US is fierce and will stay that way. Nevertheless, we remain committed to gaining better market access to the US market.

Winning contracts within the "best value" framework of the F-35 acquisition is of significant importance to the Norwegian defence industry. Norwegian companies are today proud partners in development and manufacturing of the F-35 and related systems. F-35 co-operation still holds a large potential for Norwegian suppliers, even though competition is increasing.

In the long run, growth markets in Asia, Oceania and South America will have to grow to secure our future success.Hence, we will increasingly emphasize these markets overseas.

The EU Defence and Security Procurement Directive was implemented in Norway as of 1 January 2014. This is managed through the Norwegian Regulation on Defence and Security Procurement (FOSA).

The new regulations provides both challenges and opportunities. The Norwegian government will continue with industrial co-operation and offset agreements in areas in which the new legislation allows for such market activities.

Success in the international defence and security market is not easily achieved. The market is far from transparent and political considerations are more often than not part of the decision making processes. Norway is a high cost country within low tech, but not particularly within high tech. This is an attractive market position with an interesting potential.

On behalf of the Norwegian government, I promise that we will do our utmost to open doors for the Norwegian defence and security industry abroad. It is an industry important both for our Armed Forces but also an industry that contributes significantly to our society at large by employing close to 5,000 people all over the country.

I am confident that the industry will continue to be proactive, adaptive to change and ready to turn opportunities into results."

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