Combitech to bring in development unit from Ericsson in Linköping and Gothenburg

Combitech Press Release Aug 17, 2016.

The Nordic technology consultancy company Combitech has signed an agreement with Ericsson, for a transfer of parts of Ericsson's radio software development in Linköping and Gothenburg. Through this agreement, Combitech will secure in-house competence in this area, and be able to further build on its strong engineering base, making this expertise available to a broader group of customers. About 300 Ericsson engineers in Linköping and Gothenburg will transfer to Combitech.

Combitech, an independent company within the defence and security group Saab AB, signs an agreement with Ericsson for a transfer of operations that comprise employees with expertise in the area of communication technology. Combitech will take over efficient development operations with high delivery capabilities and solid telecommunication systems expertise. The agreement covers operations which today employ 300 software development engineers in Linköping and Gothenburg.

"In our effort to be a leading technology consulting company within the areas of digitalization, Cyber Security and Internet of Things, the takeover is fully in line with our strategy. One, of several, areas where we see great potential is within the automotive industry, with connected and autonomous vehicles. In this area, the demand for specialized expertise is highly sought after, especially regarding current and future communications technologies. This creates exciting opportunities for us," says Hans Torin, CEO of Combitech.

"Combitech is already a strategic R&D consultancy supplier to Ericsson and is a logical partner with a strong focus on R&D and engineering services. In addition Combitech has an ambition to grow and the Ericsson employees are very skilled and experienced. As part of this new agreement, Ericsson is committed to a strong and lasting relationship with Combitech", says Sinisa Krajnovic, Head of Development Unit Network Products at Ericsson.

The transfer is part of Combitech's strategy to broaden its service offering and grow in the Nordic consulting market. The takeover will take effect October 2016.

"This will be Combitech's single largest transfer ever. It strengthens our partnership with Ericsson and confirms Combitech's position as a leading technology consulting company in the Nordic region," says Dan Jangblad, Chairman of Combitech.

For more information, contact
Charlotte Magnusson, Head of Communications, Combitech
Phone: +46 734 18 41 43
E mail:

Ericsson Corporate Communications
Telefon: +46 10 719 69 92

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