Franske NMJ Services velger CORENA S1000D og CORENA iSpec2200

Corena annonserte 15 april 2013 følgende nyhet.

CORENA announced today that they have signed a comprehensive agreement with French NMJ Services; since recently part of the LGM group of companies. NMJ Services have decided to extend their offerings to include authoring services for S1000D and iSpec2200 publications, and since the first orders are already signed, they have an urgent requirement for a range of well-proven software tools supporting the standards.

The contract comprises a combined CORENA S1000D and CORENA iSpec2200 solution for aircraft manuals, CORENA IPC for parts catalogues, CORENA Page for PDF delivery, and CORENA IETP for interactive electronic delivery.

With installation and system training almost completed, NMJ Services is now well prepared to deliver high quality authoring services for major French companies; the initial assignment comprising S1000D publications for the Snecma M88-2 engine powering Dassault Aviation's Rafale multirole fighter aircraft.

"After careful investigations we have selected CORENA to supply and implement our enhanced technical publication system. CORENA was the only vendor that fulfilled our requirements, and we have had a very good relationship with them for several years already. We are fully convinced that CORENA's solutions will support our current and future business requirements", says Mr. Laurent Abt, Managing Director, NMJ Services.

"We are extremely pleased to be able to expand our relationship with NMJ Services. They are one of the most capable authoring companies within S1000D and iSpec2200 in France, and working with their Customer Services company will allow CORENA to obtain excellent understanding of and future business with the growing French aerospace and defense industry", says Toralf Johannessen, President and CEO, CORENA.

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