Jotne: Space brings savings to offshore oil and gas

Offshore platform

18 November 2013 - Software for building ESA spacecraft is helping to improve safety and drive down costs for engineers operating deep sea oil and gas installations.

The expense of extracting energy from under the sea and the potential for fire or oil spills should things go wrong mean that companies are always looking for better ways to operate offshore installations.

Now, the EDMTruePLM™ (TruePLM) product lifecycle management tool, developed for ESA spacecraft programmes is improving efficiency for oil and gas industries.

Having spent years working with ESA on their Cassini-Huygens and Envisat satellites, Sverre Samdal from Jotne Industrier, a Norwegian company primarily involved in energy exploration, saw how TruePLM could also work for offshore industry because, "spacecraft and underwater machines present similar technical challenges."

"Every project, whether it's a satellite or an oil rig, generates piles of documentation from designs, calculations and testing to contracts and emails," says Sverre.

"The problem is keeping track of it all when there are thousands of people in different companies using different systems. It gets complex, time consuming and expensive."

Engineers estimate they were previously wasting a third of their day searching for paperwork, manually duplicating information between systems or decoding outdated software.

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