Metronor AS selected to provide additional Advanced Boresight Systems for Korea Aerospace Industries FA-50 Light Attack Aircraft

Asker, Norway 27. November 2013 - Metronor AS has been awarded a contract by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for delivery of additional Harmolign Advanced Boresight Systems for the FA-50 light attack aircraft.

Metronor's boresight systems are based on the company's patented electro-optical technology, and have been designed to provide the most flexible, capable and affordable boresighting/ harmonization system technology available in the market. Providing on-screen type-specific graphical operator guidance - eliminating the need for operator training - and requiring no scheduled maintenance or calibration, the system has very low life-cycle costs. While the system shares key technology with Metronor's proven range of industrial geometry measurement systems, the Harmolign system has been engineered from the ground up to meet tough accuracy requirements and all applicable military standards.

The first 'Harmolign for TA-50' boresight system was delivered to KAI early 2009 and the recent order brings the total number of systems delivered for the various TA-50 and FA-50 variants to six.

"We are very happy to continue to provide KAI and their national- and export customers with a modern and effective solution for high accuracy alignment of essential aircraft systems and sensors. In addition to handling present aircraft sub-systems, the Harmolign systems can easily be modified for boresighting of future sub-systems and sensors. As such the systems can 'grow' with the aircraft and provide a cost effective boresight solution for the lifetime of the aircraft", says Errol Henriksen, Vice President of Metronor's Military Systems Business Unit.

In addition to deliveries for Korea Aerospace Industries' TA-50 and FA-50, Metronor's Harmolign boresight systems have been delivered for boresighting of various versions of the BAE Systems Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer, the SAAB Gripen, Lockheed-Martin F-16, Korea Aerospace Industries' Surion helicopter and the Eurofighter ASTA.

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