Address: Brugsvegen 13
NO-2390 Moelv
Telephone: +47 45 23 34 00
Contact: Manager Harald Dahl
Tel: +47 97 19 39 04

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Products and services

Design & Engineering
Logistics/Logistics Support
Surface finishing
Systems Integration and Architecture
Vehicles and related equipment

Core Capability

- Mounting and verification of tracked and wheeled vehicle

- Service on defence and offshore products

- Production of spare parts for own defence and offshore products

- Mounting and verification of airport equipment

- Production of offshore crane

- Surface treatment

Key Programs

- Contract with BAE Systems Hägglunds AB for upgrading and verification on 101 units SPV CV9030N

- Mounting and verification of Defence, Offshore, Subsea and Airport products

- Surface treatment

Key Products

- Offshore Crane SM500 for Sevan Marine/Teekay Petrojarl Corporation

- Spare parts

- Surface treatment

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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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