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Clothing, Camouflage, Armoured Protection and Field Rations

Core Capability

High nutrition meals for personnel in challenging situations.

Drytech AS produces complete high quality special purpose field rations based on freeze-dried meals.

REAL - Easy to use
The main meals are vacuum-packed in a serving-pouch, so all you have to do is add preferably hot water, stir, close the pouch, wait 5 minutes and eat directly from the pouch.

REAL - Light weight, safe food and long shelf life
The meals are extremely light in weight and can be stored for extended periods in tropic climate our meals are vacuum packed for food safety.

REAL - Well proven in cooperation with the Norwegian army throughout 20 years.
Our meals are used by Norwegian, French and Swedish soldiers during operations in different climate conditions.

REAL - NATO approved
We know the nutritional needs of personnel in challenging situations - Right balanced nutrition gives personnel energy and focus to cope with challenging situations.

Key Programs

Drytech has developed the concepts in close cooperation with the Norwegian Army and the Armed Forces of the other Scandinavian countries. The concept is based on our freeze-dried meals, Real Field Meal, as the main component in Drytechs field rations. Our field rations are developed in order to meet the dietary and nutritional requirements of each soldier, even for longer periods. Laboratory tests of nutrient content and an increasing range of individual meals and ration menus, maintain the needs of soldiers in harsh field environment.

Key Products

REAL Field Ration 1200-1400 kcal
The light-weight portion-package consists of everything you need for continuous operations and sustainability. Dependent of activity and energy consumption, two to four rations will be needed for 24 hours. Our main focus is nutritional value and balance between carbohydrates, fat and proteins, natural appearance and last but not least: taste

REAL Field Meal 540 kcal consists of a long variety of different meals. The main part of the portions is Drytech's own meals carefully cocked and freeze-dried from fresh and top-quality ingredients.









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