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4014 Stavanger

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Tel: +47 46817392


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Products and services

Advanced Materials and Aerostructures
Aerospace - RPAS/UAS
Command, Control and Communication systems
Consultancy & other services
Cryptography - Data Protection/Security
Design & Engineering
Education & Training
Electronic equipment
Electronic warfare (EA/EP/ES) systems/equipment
Explosives & Propellants
Logistics/Logistics Support
Maritime Technology
Measurement Systems, and Identification and Tracking
Missile technology and autonomous weapon and sensor systems
Naval Ship Technology and Propulsion
Process & environmental technology and equipment
Research and development
Ship Technology
Simulation & Training systems
Space technology
Surveillance systems
Systems Integration and Architecture
Technical Publication Services, Products, and Solutions
Test equipment and facilities
Underwater vessels, sensors, weapons and control systems
Weapon systems, accessories and ammunition

Core business matrix

NOVA assists in the efficient & effective delivery of complex equipment programmes leading to the provision of operational capability at the earliest opportunity. It does this by providing high calibre SME`s with experience of every stage of the delivery process including; requirements management, operational test & evaluation, compliancy, simulation, training, issue management, document control, project & programme management. Presently engaged in providing embedded support to the Royal Norwegian Air Force in the delivery of the new Search & Rescue Helicopter (EH101) programme (NAWSARH) and improved operational SAR capability. NOVA`s involvement will help reduce risk and optimise the chance of project delivery to time and cost.

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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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