SecuWine AS

Adresse : Moseidveien 35, 4033 Stavanger
Telefon : +47 981 07 542
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Kontaktperson: Egil  Byberg
telefon: : +47 981 07 542
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Core Business Matrix : - SecuWine Enterprise Messenger - SecuWine Messenger Pro - Video and audio calls and messages and file transfer with end-to-end encryption - The products are in compliance with GDPR laws and regulations - DTLS/SRTP key exchange on every call with end-to-end encryption - Technology for avoiding MiTM Attack - Works on iOS and Android Mobiles and tablets - Available on PC and Mac Computers during 2022 - All communication between app and server with TLS security - Active Directory - AD integration possible - Servers in Europe under Norwegian and European laws and regulations - Encrypted telephony worldwide - Easy installation and usage Our Solutions works on all networks , and works globally with Full HD video and excellent sound. The products scales technically to many millions of users.

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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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