Address:P.O. Box 1004
NO-3194 Horten

Telephone:+47 33 03 50 00
Fax:+47 33 03 50 05

Contact:Hans Richard Petersen
Tel: +47 33 03 51 49
Email: hrp@sensonor.no


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Products and services

Advanced Materials and Aerostructures
Electronic equipment
Missile technology and autonomous weapon and sensor systems
Produkter og tjenester
Underwater vessels, sensors, weapons and control systems

Core business matrix


Core competence

- High precision silicon based sensors
- Design & production in company's own production facilities/fab

About Sensonor: www.sensonor.com

Key programs

- Thermal Imaging
- High performance accelerometer
- Inertia measurement units

About programs: www.sensonor.com

Key products

- High precision Gyro sensors and Gyro moduls
- Pressure Dies

About products: www.sensonor.com

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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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