FSi messa/FSi Exhibit 2023

  • 31. aug 2023Kl. 09.00–15.00

Velkommen til FSi messen 2023. Welcome to the annual FSi Exhibition, Thursday 31 August 2023, at Akershus fortress, Oslo.

Photo from the exhibit in 2022.

FSi messa er en god mulighet til å få kjennskap til og møte representanter som kan formidle hva norsk forsvarsindustri har å tilby av kompetanse og løsninger for Forsvaret, Politiet og øvrige sikkerhets- og beredskapsetater. 

This annual event is an excellent opportunity for companies exploring defence business and industrial co-operation opportunities in Norway to get an overview of and meet with prospective Norwegian industry partners.  60+ FSi member companies will be exhibiting, displaying products and presenting their core capabilities.  More than 400 visitors from Norwegian Government, Military and Industry typically visit the exhibition. 




List of exhibitors

Amazon Web Services Emea Sarl
Axnes AS
Berget AS
Bertel O. Steen Defence & Security AS
Bredengen AS
Comrod Communication AS
Conmec AS
Data Respons Solutions AS
Defendo AS
Drytech AS
Dspnor AS
Eidsvoll Electronics AS
Electronicon AS
European Simulation & Training Academy AS
Fjord Defence
Flir Unmanned Aerial Systems AS
Fosstech AS
Fremtidens Industri AS - MIDSEC
Frequentis Norway AS
Galleon Embedded Computing AS
Green Ammo AS
Gylling Teknikk AS
H.Henriksen AS
Heli-One (Norway) AS
Hexatronic AS
Hiddn Technology AS
Ikm Alfa Solution AS
Impetus Advanced Finite Element Analyses AS
Inission Løkken AS
K Lerøy Metallindustri As
Kitron AS
Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS
Kongsberg Target Systems AS
Less AS
Lilaas AS
Maritime Robotics AS
Mildef AS
Nammo Raufoss AS
Nds Defence AS
NFM Group
Nicomatic Norway AS
Nordic Shelter AS
Norlense AS
Norsk Cobot Senter AS
Northcom AS
Norwegian Aviation & Defense Group AS
Obsima Technology AS
Storm Defence AS
Powerbox Norway AS
Radionor Communications AS
Radome.No AS
Rheinmetall Norway AS
Rheinmetall Norway AS
Ritek AS
Rohde & Schwarz Norge AS
Saab Technologies Norway AS
Safran Sensing Technologies Norway AS
Skytale AS
Stable AS
Stewa AS
T&G Elektro
TaMek AS
Teleplan Globe AS
Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems Gmbh
Vipo AS
Våpensmia AS

Sponsor 2023: Thales Norway AS

Motta siste nytt fra FSI

Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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