Welcome to the bi-annual Nordic Defence Industry Seminar (NDIS). NDIS 2024 is hosted by Norway and takes place at Sundvolden 40 Km northwest of Oslo.

NDIS 2024  is arranged by FSi in co-operation with the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.

NDIS is organized within the framework of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO). The main aim and purpose of NORDEFCO is to strengthen the participating nations’ defence, explore common synergies and facilitate efficient common solutions. NDIS allows for networking, knowledge exchange, business-to-business, and government-to-business that supports the NORDEFCO aim.

The event will include seminars and discussions with speakers including representatives of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence and key industry leaders from the Nordic countries. There will also be an exhibition of primarily the Nordic defence industries.

NDIS typically attracts around 300 attendees and will be a great opportunity to meet and network with decision-makers from the Nordic governments, armed forces, industry, and stakeholders.

The event will start with an icebreaker on the afternoon/evening of 17 September. This will be an opportunity for you to register for the event and network with other participants. Drinks and snacks will be served.

18 and 19 September are seminar days. Day 1 of the seminar ends with a joint dinner with room for networking. Day 2 on 19 September will finish with a joint lunch.

Please come back to this page for updated programme and registration. 


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Motta siste nytt fra FSI

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